Call Recording (monitoring)


I want to make call recording to record calls on certain extensions and I did so
exten => 2060,1,Answer
exten => 2060,2,Wait(1)
exten => 2060,3,Monitor(wav,myfilename)
exten => and so on…

This rule records calls but it separates call for example when I speak it is separate file (outgoing) and when he speeks it is onather one (incoming). I want to record it as a one whole file, Like so when I make call it must be outgoing and when somebody calls incoming but one whole conversation file. I hope I’ve explained it well

Use MixMonitor: .


Marco Bruni

No, you didn’t understand me I don’t want to record incoming and outgoing calls in one file, I meant every inbound and outbound call must be separate file and must name for example inbound-by time and extension and outbound the same.