Recompiling the Asterisk VoiceMail app module

In my original post I was trying to find a way via dialplan to pass options to VoiceMail to disable option 8 (transfer voicemail to another extension).

It turns out this is not at all possible, so I’m considering just disabling this option within the source code. How would one go about recompiling just I really don’t want to go through the entire Asterisk 11 reinstall, menuselect whatnot. Can this be done as an individual module recompile?

It will be safer, and probably quicker to do a complete rebuild

If you want to do a selective build, you will need the menuselect output file (might be menuselect.makepopts, but not sure) from the original build. You will then have to run ./configure and:

make apps/

You may still find that it compile quite a lot of Asterisk in the process.

(If you built assterisk from source originally, and still have the configured source tree, just running make will only compile the one module.

Yeah this probably won’t be that big of a deal. I wrote bash installer that already has all these steps setup anyway. I’ll give it a try and update the success of modifying app_voicemail.c.

Thanks David.

Yeah it turns out just rebuilding asterisk completely was not at all a big deal so that’s the course I took (this simply involved 1) running configure, 2) doing make menuselect.makeopts, 3) and make install – only took a few minutes).

The changes to the source code involved commenting out case ‘8’ in vm_execmain (ln 11399*). This disabled handling the given option. To disable the audio prompt to use this option involved commenting out the playback of “vm-tofoward” (ln 9976*).

I’m using version 11.19.0.

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