Best way to change the VoiceMailMain menu?

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I am very new to Asterisk. We are testing it out as a VM platform but the stakeholders want a much simpler menu. If I wanted to remove some options, say for example access to the Friend/Work/Custom Folders. Should I do this with an AGI or do I need to update app_voicemail.c? If I can do this with an AGI, are there any examples you can point to? My searching thus far keeps returning the same OLD post from '08 where someone says yes you can do it, but couldn’t show an example due to NDAs. Every other post I have seen has said that you must edit app_voicemail.c. If I must edit app_voicemail.c, I will start getting familiar with the code base and try to find the right touch points. It’s a fairly large source file. Any tips on some key areas of focus would be appreciated.

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As app_voicemail is quite large, and very unwieldy, one of the things that we provided, with the introduction of ARI, were sample apps of voicemail in node.js. They live on github here:

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Thanks a ton. I will take a look at these. I started hacking away at app_voicemail.c but I would rather not because like you mentioned, it is a bit large and unwieldy :wink:

I did mine with an AGI in Python, I have simplified the menu to our needs. It’s working great.
The code has about 1000 lines. We can put our own custom prompt.
I have used the pyst2 library.

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Hi Mike,

I’ve been searching around to do the same thing you are describing.

Would this still require editing the entire application, if all I am looking to do is edit the sound files that get played during VoiceMailMain?

I’d like to edit ‘vm-login.ulaw’ and ‘vm-password.ulaw’ to be more descriptive on entering their phone number and password.


Shaun, you can just replace the files with more descriptive ones. Just record your file in a format Asterisk can playback and use the same file names.


I was just coming back to say silly me, its under /asterisk/sounds/en

Couldn’t find it earlier!


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