Changing voicemail menu


I would like to change the VoicemailMan application so that people are only given the option of changing their unavailable greeting (not their busy or temporary greeting).

From searching, I know the code resides in app_voicemail.c and if I saw the code, I think I could figure out how to make the modifications, but can you point me to where I’d find the proper app_voicemail.c file and once I change the code is there a primer on how to compile it and where the resulting executable file should be placed?

Is there an easier way of removing the options to change the busy and temporary messages? I don’t think it’s as easy as changing the prompt files themselves, as they are probably individually called by the voicemail application (or could I just edit the sound files so they contain silence)?

app_voicemail.c is under apps/ directory of your source tree. If you ever build Asterisk from source, you would make changes to the source file in place and simply build and install again. If you have never done this, download the source now.