Beginner question

I have installed Asterisk via AsteriskNow and have X-Lite working within my LAN. I understand that I have to sign up with a DID service to connect calls to the outside world now- is that correct? Also, I have seen several DID providers, but they all seem to charge around two cents per minute for all outgoing calls. Is there a way to connect my calls to the outside world without paying per minute? I was hoping for a very low, flat termination fee (someone I know mentioned I should expect to pay around $2/month).

I saw the article on with the section SETTING UP AN OUTBOUND TRUNK which recommended TELASIP, but it was still $6-$15/month for unlimited LD. Is this what I need? Is there a cheaper option? My goal is to simply set up my own phone service at home to save money- not to start a phone business. If anyone could confirm that is what I need or suggest a cheaper alternative, I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

What exactly did you mean by outside world? If outside world is outside your private LAN, then you can get any Free VoSP account and start calling the others on the same VoSP network for free. For DID, have a look here.

If outside world is to reach PSTN network, that is a different story. In this case, someone has to pay for the termination costs.

Have a look here.

You may want to read the Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, 2nd Edition (click to download) e-book to learn more about Asterisk.

You do not need direct in dialing to connect to PSTN.

You either need analogue/circuit switched digital hardware, or you need a third party that gateways between SIP and the PSTN. Either may or may not provide DID.

No-one is going to provide flat fee outgoing interconnect, unless they also impose a limit on the number of calls. My guess is that the service you mention is designed for use from a single phone, so would not provide DID.

For a home system, why do you need DID?