DID and Virtual Numbers


I try to configure asterisk to do the following.

I do have a DID, I do not pay per usage, just to recieve call. I have overseas number that i will like to terminate on my DID, DID is with a provider, how to copnfigure asterisk to connect my overseas call to my DID without paying for termination.

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Not completely sure I understand, but there’s always going to be cost involved if you will be making calls that requires termination or traversing through someone else’s network. In-network calls going over the Internet to other members within the network may be free .

So you basically paid to have a DID to receive unlimited calls. You want a way to make outbound calls with this DID without incurring cost? Don’t think thats possible. Closest to being free if you have friends overseas that can terminate you via their local line. Similar concept with the Free World Dialup utilizing people’s local connection for free termination (freeworlddialup.com/) but now even they charge a $30/year fee.


I understand, if I wnat to terminate a call to other network will be a charge, but in my case both DIDs are pointing to my asterisk box, is there a way to connect those together?

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Do you mean, if both callers call in at the same time they connect to each other?

No, if caller from overseas call be able to reroute the call to DID that is pointing from my provider domestically.



Well if both your Asterisk box has a public IP and/or connected somehow (Internet?), you can send the call from one box to the other directly.

If you have to redirect the call to the other DID, you will be going through a provider to route that call. If its the same provider, then the charge may be free.

Maybe you should just sign up for Skype, i think its free for Skype to Skype call. You then can get incoming DIDs from Skype also for non skype users.

let’s keep it asterisk (skype makes me :blush: :blush: the quality is :poo :poo ).

you can do a IAX between two asterisk boxes and they can terminate either end or you can buy a FXS bridge at your end and hook it up to one asterisk box.

DID as cheap just buy one, you eventually will, so why wait.

+800 numbers are free internationally to call to. So if you know you will be calling in the northern hemisphere quite a lot, one of these numbers should prove valuable.