Recommendation for sip softphone / wireless headset combo

I was wondering if anyone has found a good sip based softphone / wireless headset combo for vista 64

I need a sip based softphone that works with vista 64 and it would be great if it worked with my logitech mx 3200 keyboard (it has voip buttons)

and for the wireless headset I want something that has a hangup button it and is compadible with vista 64 and the software and it would be great if I could pair it with my iPhone

I was using x-lite/eyebeam and a CS50-usb
and it worked great on Vista 32 bit but I can’t get the headset buttons to work on vista 64 plus since it isn’t bluetooth I can’t pair it with my iphone

Quality is the biggest concern and as long as the headset/software combo is less then $250

I would be willing to paypal a tip to someone if they can recommend something that works well my current VoIP guy doesn’t work alot with softphones so he suggest I make a few posts online and see if anyone can recommend anything good


I think you are S-O-L, Sure Out of Luck.

Here is a link to Microsoft softphone compatibility with Vista, not even one is known to work with Vista 64 at this time: … =softphone

Normally I would suggest Xlite or Bria with one of our Plantronics Bluetooth USB headsets for someone in your position but if the softphone will not run on Vista 64 the headset problem is moot.

Try calling Plantronics Technical Support; if anyone has the scoop on the CS50 and Vista 64 they will; headsets are not my area of expertise.

FWIW I went with a Polycom SIP phone with handset lifter and headset over softphones. I bought just about every softphone out there for evaluation for an internal project but they just couldn’t beat the hardware SIP phone.

Eyebeam, Bria and Xlite all work fine on Vista 64 its the CS50 usb the driver for them doesn’t seem to work in 64


Please call Plantronics Technical Support at 800-544-4600. They may be able to help you.

Since you have these softphones running on Vista 64 would you please follow the link in my earlier post and let Microsoft know?



looks eyebeam is already listed as compatible with 64 just not listed under softphones … &s=eyebeam

When I called plantronics they said they are compatible with vista 64 and with eyebeam its just the interaction between the two requires a driver that is made by eyebeam/counterpath which isn’t compatible with vista 64

well I called them up and they said that they are fully compatible with Vista 64
and sent me to this link … bility.pdf
and said that I needed to find a softphone in that list that was also Vista 64 bit compatible