Solaris softphones?

Any good ones out there? Preferably something that’s happy when used with SunRays.

I interested this too, but do anyone has been able to get a SIP capable softphone in a Solaris yet?

software reviews


Yes yes, you need to have GNOME and all…

Hi Guys,

I have been working in the same issue. Can u give some feed back?. I need a SIP softphone por Solarix x86 for my SunRays.

Any help will be appreciate!

Randall C.

Get anywhere with it? Unfortunately I haven’t had time to work on it since my last post.

Looking to do the same thing here (except we’re using SPARC servers with our SunRays).

Hey I am in need of a SIP softphone por Solarix x86 to use with my SunRays. Where do I need to go?

I still haven’t found one. We gave up and just gave everyone desk phones. :frowning: