Help with Softphones

Hi all,

I’m working on a demo I’m going to do for a small crowd in a couple weeks, and I’ve just realized that some of the things I need I do not currently have. I turn to you guys knowing that the power of the community might help me find what I’m looking for.

So here it is: I’m looking for free softphones that can run on Windows XP with
[ul]1) no SIP registration required, and
2) multiline capability.[/ul]
Would anyone know about any product that could fit these requirements? I’ve taken a look at Express Talk for the multiline capability, but I haven’t read anything about the SIP registration. I know X-Lite doesn’t require SIP registration.

Thank you all in advance for you help!


Have a look at Zoiper (

Thank you very much Dovid for your suggestion!

For information, I looked into it and as far as early tests go, older versions of ZoIPer (2.14) allow you to do this while the latest do not.

Look around. There are older version out there on the web. If you need help finding one PM me.

Yeah, I wasn’t very clear, but I was just saying I had found an older version that did that, and I was just letting others know about the solution I’d found.