Recommend Fax Hardware for T1 PRI

What fax hardware do I need for a T1? Ideally, I will switch my T1 to a digital PRI (not CAS I’m told, which is not as good) coming into the building. My CLEC said I can do this switch no problem. I have an analog T1 coming in now.

From the Asterisk box, I will connect IP phones, but I still need 2 analog ports for fax machines. I don’t want to do any VOIP fax like T.38 or anything. I just want to use a standard fax machine so I can send outbound faxes reliably and so I don’t confuse my users and more than they will be with a swtich from analog old AT&T Merlin system to IP PBX.

I assume I need a TDM400P (TDM20B flavor for 2 analog stations), but I am not sure. Down the line I may buy something like FaxFinder or try to figure out Hylafax or some other solution if this meets our needs, but I like the flexibility of outbound faxing of a paper document. You just can’t send a paper document as easily with all electronic faxing.

Thanks in advance!