Receptionist Console Beta available for download

After much procrastination, naval gazing and belly button fluff removal (my wife complains if I don’t) we have finally released a Beta of The Receptionist Console for Asterisk.

The Receptionist Console is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac & Linux) desktop application designed for organizations with a dedicated receptionist.

The application provides the ability for a receptionist to take and transfer calls using a desktop application in conjunction with any SIP handset.

The application includes a built-in Phone Book which displays the status of each extension.

The application is designed to operate in high volume areas and has been optimize to allow all core operations to be completed without using a mouse.

We are looking for beta tested interested in trying the application and giving us feedback to help improve the system.

The application requires java and of course an Asterisk server. Only minimal changes to the Asterisk configuration are required.
The application includes an integrated database (Apache Derby) for storing Phone book entries but is also designed to operate against an external database such as MySQL and against existing directories.

The beta can be downloaded from … st-Console

Support can be obtains from:

The Receptionist Console was developed by the same team that developed AsterFax (

S. Brett Sutton
Managing Director
Asterisk Integrated Telephony.

Your support link
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[quote=“adev”]Your support link
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Slight oversight. We will have them fixed first thing in the morning (Australian time).