Receiving Calls with CAPI and AVM Fritz

Hello Forum,

i had a dan hard time getting asterisk to accept chan_capi. I am now running asterisk-1.0.9 and chan_capi-0.5.4 (from, and not the newest one 0.6.0 hence app_capi.c are not (anymore) include in the package, so it didn’t work.

Now, after compiling chan_capi to include capidebug, starting asterisk works with no error, meaning, the CLI starts.

Apart from the warning, that /dev/dsp does not exist (i dont have a soundcard in my linux-box yet) i do have a more serious problem.

When having configured /etc/asterisk/capi.conf to the incomingmsn=52 (which i intend to use for asterisk) and asterisk started, asterisk doesn’t accept a call to that number.

Is there something that i may have overlooked in configuring?

If .conf files are needed in answering my question please reply so.

Thanks for your help!