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I installed realtime with a sippeers and a sipusers some time ago

Today without anything having been done, I no longer have the users found in the database in my sip show peers

Here are my configuration files

extconfig :


sipusers => mysql,general,bit_sip_devices
sippeers => mysql,general,bit_sip_devices

res_config_mysql :

dbhost =
dbname = asterisk
dbuser = root
dbpass = ******************
dbport = 3306
;dbsock = /tmp/mysql.sock
dbcharset = latin1
requirements=warn ; or createclose or createchar

realtime mysql status :

general connected to asterisk@, port 3306 with username root for 1 hours, 30 minutes.

realtime mysql cache :

general bit_sip_devices

I have no error in my logs

Did you have an idea ?


One observation is that you re using 2 modules which are not longer supported by the Asterisk core developer team, one of them is deprecated res_mysql , and the chan_sip still very used but only supported by the community

What do you recommend for realtime?

PJSIP and MYSQL with ODBC works perfectly, I have it running on Centos 7 with no issues

I tried to put all together here

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