Realtime queues on Asterisk 13 and shared_lastcall

I have a Asterisk 13.x machine where there are defined multiple real-time queues.Queues and queue_members tables are kept into a postgresql 9.x database. Even if I set wrapup time and shared_lastcall= yes it seems that asterisk ignores the wrap up time and send calls to users even when they should be in wrap up.

I have observed that this is happening only if a user is assigned in multiple queues. If the user is assigned to a single queue, the wrap up is respected. I know that there are some bugs related to that in version 11.x of asterisk but I think these should be fixed by now.

Anyone else has this problem ? If yes, how do you handle it ?

Were you able to solve this issue? I am having similar issues with Asterisk 11 and trying to determine if this issue is fixed in a newer version.

I am getting the same issue 4/3/2021

Does these issues exist on currently supported versions? Because 11 and 13 are not.

13 is supported through October of this year.

Also, the “weight” queue parameter is not working as well for us. Seems like the parameters in the realtime queue postgre sql database table are not being used.

Asterisk 13 receives security fixes only. It does not receive bug fixes, which I believe is what was being referred to.

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As jcolp pointed out Asterisk 13 only receives security fixes so even if this was a bug in 13, it’s not going to be touched unless it is a security threat. That being said, you have decided to reply to a thread that was created in 2017 and someone replied in 2020 about having the issue (on an EOL version of Asterisk).

So while you also might be on 13, you probably aren’t on the same version the original poster was on (they didn’t give it) and there is no real way to say that your issue is actually related to the OP or the person that chimed in with an even older version a year later.

You will need to update to at least 16 for proper support. Because this issue could already be resolved and if it’s not, at least the bug issue will be looked at and can be resolved.