Realm in the registration proxy authorization

Hi experts,
I am using chan_sip i know its support is not available but just dont want to upgrade my system.
Question is, i am trying to register an account on asterisk using register => username:pass@domain
but the carrier is sending Proxy Authentication issue.
In the sip logs i can see asterisk is sending Proxy-Authorization header with realm=“null”
is there anyway we can add realm there?


Try changing your port # in the sip.conf file first.
Then check your rtp.conf file make sure you have icesupport=true

hi @FrancoSmash but the port is fine. i can register using softphone.
it looks like only the realm issue. any other clue?

I had a similar issue …I was able to connect softphone but not carrier. Changing port did it for me

The registration port? you mean the trunk registration port? or you want me to add the port number after the host?


@host keep port 5060
In your sip.conf file change the port to something like 5070

I got it fixed by adding sip:username@realm:password@sipprovider in the register=>

Now i have Freepbx which is using pjsip. I have the same issue with freepbx and not able to find the realm settings because there is no registery string.
Does anyone know how to fix that?


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I don’t know much about freepbx but in general you do that in the auth section that you use for the register


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