Trunk sip proxy

Hi everyone, I ask for information.
I need to register a sip trunk to a public exchange via proxy.
I can’t find the combination of valid peer and registration.
They gave me:
ip domain
ip proxy
the registration ports
but I can’t register it
You know how to give me a configuration info
thank you

If you google, you will find a lot of information.

I googled using “asterisk registration using proxy”, got all the info you need.

That is based on the information you have provided.

Thanks, I do a search

hello, nothing is out of time.
I don’t think I’m setting the proxy value correctly.
Should the proxy be set on the bindaddress?
Thank you

username=(my id)
secret=(my pass)
host=(ip host remote)
outboundproxy=( proxy host)
fromuser=(my id)
fromdomain=(my host)

my_number:my_pass@remote_host:5066/my number

General section on the sip.conf file it is specifically used to set options that will apply globally to your sip configuration, some of this settings can be overridden on the configuration section of each peer

I’m using an Elastix freePBX 2.11.0 17

If you re using a GUI, you need to do your configuration directly on the GUI, also Elastix is a dead product and the version of FreePBX you re using is quite old, switch to FreePBX distro and contact the FreePBX forum directly

OK many thanks ambiorixg12

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That would be such an unusual configuration that, if you need to ask, you can assume the answer is no.