Re: FXS modules

I am new to Asterisk and looking for information.

I would like to get an FXS modules for a RasPi 3+.
Single channel per RasPi.

I have found this -

I would like to know what FXS modules are compatible with Asterisk and with a RasPi hat.


You will need to ask Openvox. Generally the policy here is to redirect hardware questions to vendors, especially as Digium, who sponsor the board, do provide support for their cards by other means.

Which RPi hat are you referring to? I wasn’t aware of one that contained the host logic for this sort of card.

The only RPi shield that I can find that is even close has the FXO logic built in.

May I have the link to that product ?

The OpenVox device is one that I found.
I have looked at OpenVox site and they do not have a Raspberry Pi hat for their modules.
I guess that it is not a useful platform, otherwise I would have already found one or two.