Hardware FXS port question

Hi All,

I have been trolling around for a while looking for a FXS card for use w/ asterisk, but unfortunatyely have not found what I’m looking for. I want something akin to the X100P FXO card, but I need one that does FXS signalling w/ just one port. I could use a TDM400P or the like w/ a single FXS module, but I am looking for something less expensive. Does anyone have any experience w/ a card like this, or know why one isn’t easily availiable as per the FXS port cards?

Many thanks!

You can find a clone online or get an ATA. They arent too much. Here is where I get some of my stuff telephonydepot.com/product_p/105-054-pap.htm


We need to avoid ATAs for our purposes. Would you happen to have any suggestions for any clone FXS cards?


Look on ebay. Forgot the exat modell name. Look thru the asterisk list archive’s

let’s be straight here … unless this is a simple proof-of-concept build, the time spent messing around getting some hardware to work costs considerably more than getting the right hardware in the first place.

if real people are going to use this to make real phone calls, then you want real kit and real drivers.

just my tuppence :wink:

agree w/ baconbuttie. clone cards are fun to play with but i would never use them in a situation where it failing could cost somebody money.

It is indeed a proof of concept build for a very specific piece of hardware. If it works as we planned, we will of course be going w/ good hardware/manufacturer.

However, I have found a card which I believe will work (friend has one) unfortunately all I know about it is the chipset it has:
Ambient MD3200 A.

If anyone is familiar w/ it (some google results, mostly in spanish) I’m all ears.


I am able to install and configure asterisk with ambient MD3200 card.

I am using Fedora core 2 . and asterisk 1.2.10,Zaptel 1.2.7
I wont have any problem in configuration of Amient Chipset card. but I think this is having a problem of hangup detection.