Re: compatible IP phones?

Avaya 4610SW IP phones

I’m building an Open Source (Asterisk) IP-PBX for a small business and was wondering if the 4610SW will work in a non-Avaya environment? Several of the employees are familiar/comfortable with the 4610 IP sets. Has anyone seen these type phones work in open source PBX settings?


the aastra 6757i is the best iphone to use with Asterisk.

a regular pbx has the features server side and the handset is pretty much a dumb terminal, I think the big issue with asterisk is that these features are not pbx side which they should be be but reside in the handset theirfore the aastra 6757i is the best choice.

Perhaps some smart people in the future will bring out an api so asterisk can control handsets in conenction with handset manufactures, so led lights that signal line busy, call busy and message lamps can be managed from asterisk.

The aastra 6757i has many of these basic pbx features but they exist in the LED screen rather than older led lamps.