Is Asterisk Supports Avaya 4610SW IP Phone?

Hi all,

Please let me know the following

1.Will asterisk support Avaya 4610SW IP phones.
2.If anybody configured avaya in such a way, Please tell me how to configure it.

I have tried CISCO 7940 phone and successfully configured with asterisk.Now I tried for avaya 4610SW IP phone to convert it to a SIP phone, but i could’t find SIP firmware. Please help me out.


Yes it is working with asterisk. The SIP firware you can find it on avaya website.

Thanks iwolffy it is working fine :smiley:

Is there any easy guide how to do it?
I’ve failed to setup 9740 and I bought Avaya 4610SW hoping that this one would be easier.
Many thanks in advance.