Asterisk and Avaya IPOffice

Anyone tried this ‘marriege’ ? :smiley:

Or with other PBX ?


One of the telephone solutions that we’re looking at is setting up an Avaya IP Office 403 in one office, an Avaya IP Small office in another, and then possibly running Asterisk boxes in the 3 other branches, with H.323 trunks between them over our WAN.

The reason that we would do this, is that 2 of our branches will need an immediate phone system replacement, while the other 3 aren’t quite as urgent. We’re thinking about having a vendor come in and set up the two branches, and then take care of the rest ourselves later, using Asterisk.

I haven’t tried it out yet, but it is supposed to be technically possible.

Nice setup :smile:

if you can let me know how it works with IpOffice.


This is exactly what I’m trying to accomplish. Any progress on this?

I have Asterisk communicating to an Avaya IP Office 403, using H323. It works to a point. I don’t know enough about the Avaya to work out how to allow that system to direct dial Asterisk extensions, but at least from the Asterisk side I can direct dial any of the Avaya extensions.

Stay Away!!!

I had to do this in a medium sized company. It is absolute hell.

First off, the OH323 is good but not perfect.
Second the Avaya H323 implementation is not up to par yet either.

You will get that to work however and call quality will be quite good.

Then you will try Transfers within the Avaya and you will mysteriously drop calls.

It turns out (having debugged this with people from Avaya) that the IP-Office treats channels coming from H323 differently than from ISDN.

It looses many of its standard features. Like call Transfer.

In the end I had to put Patton-Boxes ( … tegory=312) in between.
They talk SIP/RTP to * and ISDN to the IP-Office

It’s a horrible solution. All because the Avaya IP-Office is not up to par yet.

On the positive side is that Avaya is currently working on a SIP-Stack to go into the IP-Office. (However I don’t know a release date)

So maybe in the future this may be a viable solution.

Greetings, Philipp

I had this problem using the OH323 channel from asterisk-addons, but when I switched to chan_h323 from the base Asterisk sources, it fixed it. So, my Avaya can now transfer calls coming via H323 from Asterisk.

However, I still don’t know how to configure the Avaya to directly dial Asterisk extensions. sigh

I’ve made some success with this project, but…

Asterisk was built using 1.2.13 along with compiling in openh323, pwlib, and asterisk-oh323. A channel is successfully built, and the calls from Asterisk are bridged over to Avaya. The only thing is that when a call is attempted from Asterisk, ringing doesn’t start for about a good 45 seconds to about 90 seconds. Once the other side picks up, the voice quality isn’t the best, kind of choppy. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I could tweak or change besides using a lower bandwidth codec or adjusting ToS on the switches? Thanks for your help on this!!

I’m looking at various back-up options for our current setup, which is an Avaya IP Office 403, with ISDN 30 incoming.

Today we’ve had a 4 hour outage on the ISDN - good old BT! - so I’m looking at whether we can run anything as a backup over SIP/IAX.

Does the Avaya support either protocols, or, which having read this thread is more likely in that it doesn’t - how easy is it to get an Asterisk talking to the Avaya?

Cheers Nunners

I successfully connected an * box to a Zultys MX250 (linux based ip pbx, with pstn interfaces too), through SIP; it worked wery well, we used * mainly for a “click to call” function from our Sugar CRM, for SIP phones connected to the MX250; this two PBXs, thanks to SIP, can work well together.


Marco Bruni

Do not try to play with chan_h323 coming with Asterisk before 1.4. Latest one have many improvements and verified to be very stable.

I have Asterisk 1.4 and it build in ooh323 channel driver installed, I also have G729 license from Digium. I followed the following link to setup trunk between Avaya IP office and Asterisk. Avaya can call astersik, however, when a call is placed from Asterisk to Avaya IP Office, as soon as the IP office extension picks up the phone. the line get droped. … 720&page=1

Here the ooh323.log. looks like some audio codec issue. Any help would be appreciated.

14:51:43:388 Tunneled Message - MasterSlaveDeterminationAck (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
14:51:43:417 H.225 Facility message Received (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
14:51:43:418 Opening logical channels (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
14:51:43:418 Looking for matching capabilities. (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
14:51:43:418 ERROR:Incompatible audio capabilities - Can not open audio channel (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
14:51:43:418 ERROR:Failed to open audio channels. Clearing call.(outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
14:51:43:418 Sent Message - ReleaseComplete (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
14:51:43:444 H.225 Facility message Received (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
14:51:43:444 Opening logical channels (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
14:51:43:444 Looking for matching capabilities. (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
14:51:43:445 ERROR:Incompatible audio capabilities - Can not open audio channel (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
14:51:43:445 ERROR:Failed to open audio channels. Clearing call.(outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
14:51:43:445 H.225 Facility message Received (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
14:51:43:445 Warn:RemoteEndpoint closed connection (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
14:51:43:445 Cleaning Call (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)- reason:OO_REASON_LOCAL_CLEARED
14:51:43:445 Closing H.245 connection (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
14:51:43:445 Removed call (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1) from list

Did you tried chan_h323 yet?


I have an Asterisk Now box running the h323 channel driver that it comes with working with a IP Office system to a point. I can place calls from the * box to any of the other avaya systems. when the IP Office system call the asterisk box no exten is passed and it defaults to s@default I’ve only spent less than an hour trying to figure out whats going wrong, but i havn’t had half the trouble every one else seems to be having.

all the extens for the asterisk box 26xx somthing
to route calls to the asterisk box i added a short code. 26xx, ., Dail, 26

26 is outgoing line group. witch points to the h323 line that connects to the asterisk box

got it work both ways. (i some how manged to misspell friend) i have tested it every witch way also calls from h323 avaya phone and ds phones work calls from other ip office systems through the one i set up to talk to the asterisk box work. i can transfer and confrence with no problem. caller id from the asterisk box isn’t as detailed only the extn number no name. but the name shows up if you call from the ip office system to the asterisk system.

Did you tried chan_h323 yet?


Yes, I get the H323 channel driver compiled. Everything works for for the H323 trunking with Avaya IP office. However, only get one way communication with Avaya CM for H323 connections, Avaya could call Asterisk, but not otherwise.

want to try oh323, instead of H323 or ooh323, however, compiling oh323 is a painful experience. I have not yet succeeded so far.