Quick test to check that FXO card OK?


After someone mentionned it here, I installed the Pound Key distribution that comes with Asterisk, and the clone FXO card that I bought through eBay seems OK (“Found a wildcard FXO: Generic Clone”).

There are plenty of books and articles on Asterisk that I’m currently reading, but… is there a quick test I can run to check that Asterisk works with this card successfully?

I’m thinking something like having connecting the phone cable to the FXO card, calling in from a regular POTS line, and having Asterisk output caller ID to its log file, or something like that.

The next step being running a soft phone on a second PC, running XP, and having the POTS phone and the soft phone connected :smile:

Thank you

usually you can check the boards with the zttool utility.
(in some hardware, probably yours, you’ll see a red alert when not connected to the pots line)

Thanks. zttool says “Alarm = RED” and “Generic Clone Board 1”

On another test host, according to the dmesg data, the FXO card caused DAA to fail initializing. Googling for this didn’t return anything interesting. This is an old P3 host, so it could be PCI-related. Does someone know what it could be?

Thank you.