Quick one on IAX2 and a firewall

Hi all

I don’t know all that much about the inner workings of the IAX2 protocol so maybe somebody can help out here.

I have an * server in my office at work. I have configured it to register with FWD using IAX2 according to the details on the site. I can make calls to other FWD folks, the 612 time etc without any problem. However, when I try to recieve a call from the FWD site via the “call me” option I simply get a:

chan_iax2.c:5444 socket_read: “Rejected connect attempt from <fwd_server>”

I have no control over the corporate firewall, but have managed to get the admin to open up the IAX2 port as can be seen from the fact that I can call out.

Does the fact that my * server is reporting an error mean that I DO NOT have a firewall restriction problem, or could my problem still be firewall related? I have a server with exact same config at home on a broadband link and it works fine (using a different FWD number). (Version 1.0.6)

Surely if the * server is seeing enough of the call setup to reject it then it should not be a firewall problem, or am I barking up the wrong tree here.


Is there more to the error message you are receiving? Do you have an extension setup that is the same as your FWD number? The call me tool is going to call your Asterisk server looking for your extension lets say it is 12345. You need to do something with that extension in extensions.conf.