Queue and member at home


I have a problem with Asterisk, queue and member.

I have one queue and I have one member of this queue. This member is an agent how work at his home and subscibe to the queue by an external number with his analogic line.

The problem is that if two call is in the queue, Asterisk calling the member for the fisrt call but immediately it calling the member for the second call and the member is busy.

I think that Astersik see the disponibility of the line but not the disponibility of the member.

an idea ?

thank you for answer :smiley:

good day

I think you’re looking to try to extend the ringinuse option to DAHDI channels, yes? It only works for SIP channels.

ringinuse should not be the issue here even you are absolutely correct that it not meant for anything but a SIP channel

How is the call place out to your agent ? Via a SIP TRUNK or directly to PSTN via PRI port on the same box. My guess is the queue does not know the state of this agent. Do this:

Enable debugging (logger.conf)
do queue show to see agent status
Make a single call but don’t answer, show queue status again
Answer the phone, see queue status again
Place two calls in simultaneously and show queue status again

You may see a message about call state not being changed and check UPGRADE.txt