Agents receive calls while talking

I have a problem with my agents.
In my environment agents are working simultaneously with several queues.
While agent is talking he receives another calls from other queues he is logged in.
How to prevent that behaviour ?

I know there is option called “callcounter=yes” but i found it was introduced ind asterisk 1.8
Unfortunately I have version of asterisk

thanks in advane for any help
Best regards

Try ‘limitonpeers=yes’ in your sip.conf in the general section.

On your peers are you specifying a busylevel and call-limit ?

ringinuse=no may help.

I have already had ringinuse=no for every queue added.
I added limitonpeers=yes but this does not resolve this problem.
I found that busylevel was added to asterisk 1.6.0 so i cannot use it in 1.4
I added call-limit=1 but does it prevens agents to transfer call or get the call on hold ?

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Are you sure your 1.4 doesn’t have busylevel?

I see it referenced in my chan_sip.c but it could have been something that I backported.

yes i have busylevel,
at least dont see any complains in asterisk logs when i added it.
but how to achieve what I want using busylevel and call-limit options?

It should allow your peer to be on a inbound call and initiate a second outbound call or use transfer.