Queue realtime update in Mysql

Hi Guys,

I need your help with something.
I bet that it is really easy to fix, it is already keeping me busy for a day.

For a new client, I need to use the queue function.
This works like a charm, but the call information needs to be saved into a MySQL database.

I established the connection with odbc, this is working. I get a succes message back.
When I check if I can connect to the database, it seems that everything works fine.

When I do;
isql -v asterisk [user] [password]

I get the following output;

| Connected!                            |
|                                       |
| sql-statement                         |
| help [tablename]                      |
| quit                                  |
|                                       |

The following I have placed in extconfig.conf;

queues => odbc,asterisk,queue_table
queue_members => odbc,asterisk,queue_member_table

I have used the following mysql tables;

CREATE TABLE queue_table (
musiconhold VARCHAR(128),
announce VARCHAR(128),
context VARCHAR(128),
timeout INT(11),
monitor_join BOOL,
monitor_format VARCHAR(128),
queue_youarenext VARCHAR(128),
queue_thereare VARCHAR(128),
queue_callswaiting VARCHAR(128),
queue_holdtime VARCHAR(128),
queue_minutes VARCHAR(128),
queue_seconds VARCHAR(128),
queue_lessthan VARCHAR(128),
queue_thankyou VARCHAR(128),
queue_reporthold VARCHAR(128),
announce_frequency INT(11),
announce_round_seconds INT(11),
announce_holdtime VARCHAR(128),
retry INT(11),
wrapuptime INT(11),
maxlen INT(11),
servicelevel INT(11),
strategy VARCHAR(128),
joinempty VARCHAR(128),
leavewhenempty VARCHAR(128),
eventmemberstatus BOOL,
eventwhencalled BOOL,
reportholdtime BOOL,
memberdelay INT(11),
weight INT(11),
timeoutrestart BOOL,
periodic_announce VARCHAR(50),
periodic_announce_frequency INT(11),
ringinuse BOOL,
setinterfacevar BOOL

CREATE TABLE queue_member_table (
membername varchar(40),
queue_name varchar(128),
interface varchar(128),
penalty INT(11),
paused INT(11),
UNIQUE KEY queue_interface (queue_name, interface)

Seems like the logs are not showing anything.
There are no logs at all.

Does anybody have a clue what I am doing wrong here?
Am I missing something important?

I have set the settings like shown on the following website of voip.

Your input is higly appreciated.

Thank you

The “queue” and “queue_member_table” tables are not for logs or anything of that sort, they are for configuration. I don’t know app_queue realtime support any further or if there is support for what you want, unfortunately.


This explains a lot.
I have just been trying the wrong thing all the time.
As always thank you @jcolp

Your help is higly appreciated!