Queues.conf context limiting to zero only

“context” variable in queues.conf allows a caller waiting in queue to press “any” single digit to get out of queue. I want to know whether it is possible to limit the “any” to a specific key e.g “0”?

if not then can a caller that pressed any digit and it was not “0” and i want to send him back to the queue in the same position he was in?

According to the code, the extension must actually exist for the digit to have any effect.

/* We have an exact match */
	if (!ast_goto_if_exists(qe->chan, qe->context, qe->digits, 1)) {
		qe->valid_digits = 1;
		/* Return 1 on a successful goto */
		return 1;

	return 0;

wow that sounds promising. then i guess this information should be available somehow in the conf files?
thanks a lot.

You could just make a context with only a 0 extension, that would make it possible to only press that digit, anything else should leave the caller in the queue.

No neet to mess with the code, the way I see it.

That’s what I effectively said. The code was there to demonstrate that non-existent extensions would be faulted by the queue application, before any attempt to transfer to them,

I see that now. I don’t know what I read yesterday, when I read your message… :wink:

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