Dail an extension while in a queue

If a user calls our * box, we’d like them to be able to dial an extension while they wait. We do have it play Background() every so often, but we also want them to be able to dial an extension or leave a message at any time.

In queues.conf I have
context = queue-out

In extensions.conf I have
exten = 900,1,Set(TIMEOUT(digit)=1)
exten = 900,2,Set(TIMEOUT(response)=1)
exten = 900,3,Background(Intro)
exten = 900,4,Queue(900||||14)
exten = 900,5,Background(Busy)
exten = 900,6,Goto(4)

exten = _2XX,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN})

But nothing happens. 2xx is our internal extension range. I figured that if they pressed any key sequence, it would take them to that context. Am I missing something here?

Ok, this actually works from X-Lite, but not our Polycom SIP phone.

It also doesn’t work from land lines.