Queue context

I am trying to grasp how in queues.conf the “context” works

I understand you can specify “context=[contextname]”

Where do I create the context? Does the context refer to one existing in extensions.conf?

Or do I create the context in queues.conf?

Basically I want to figure out how the user can press a key and be sent to a context within extensions.conf

An explanation/example would be nice.

…yes I have read and I’ve been reading every day for 2 weeks now … :smile:

You can create a context within extensions.conf ; yes, even a new one.

include => another-custom-context ; include another context within extensions.conf

exten=> 1,1,Dial ; user dials a 1

exten=> 2,1,Dial ; user dials a 2

exten=> _XX,1,Dial(ZAP/${EXTEN},) ; user dials a 2 digit exten
exten => _XX,2,Hangup

Now you can place whatever extensions you want in the context, or you can even include others that you want to give the dialer access to - just be careful on what you include.

You probably want to include other contexts that will have other options available or you can duplicate your code and just put it in the context.

I think you misunderstood my question.
I know how extensions.conf works.

I am trying to figure out how the extensions inside “queues.conf” works and what it means when you specify a context. Eg. does it take the context from queues.conf or does it look for the context in extensions.conf?

Thanks guys

I think this is a very good question from voipnew and I think it will benefit other people like me to understand the queues better or at all. I’m reading on it right now and I have an idea in what it does but no idea in how to config this thing.

ACD and queueing are sometimes difficult to explain, even when it’s a “normal” PBX.

But here’s a good website with an excellent tutorial about Asterisk queue’s.


Simple question. How can i test my queue to know if it is working? All I have so far is internal lines available in other words my inbound and outbound is not working yet since my T1 card is not connected yet.

I’m also having trouble with this. It just doesn’t seem to work as documented. The context=queue-out example mentioned everywhere never mentions how, and/or where, to actually write the [queue-out] context. Everything I try seems to get completely ignored.

The option context works in Asterisk 11? Then caller wait in queue, he presses the button ( 1 for example ), and nothing occurs.
Whether there are other options to pass into other context from queue by the button?