How to block extensions so they cannot enter the queue number?

Hello friends! I really need your help… I’ve read 100 articles on the internet but I didn’t find the solution that I consider simple. Come on!

I have 3 service queues and I have 20 extensions in my switch.
I want to block internal calls or extension transfers to these queues when the queue number is entered.
Is it possible to do that?

You do this with contexts, similar to the way that the context for external callers doesn’t include contexts that allow external outgoing calls.

Hi David! Thank you so much for your answer!

As an example to block connections between extensions I used the following command in “extensions_custom.conf”:

exten = _1XX/_9XX,1,Hangup()

With this code, the default extensions 100 do not communicate with the default extensions 900…

I want to do the same thing but with queue, so that an extension dialing the queue number the call is disconnected…

Is it possible to do that?

Asterisk, as supplied has no such file as extension_custom.conf. As the best way of dealing with this is by using contexts, and FreePBX makes heavy use of contexts, please ask your question on, where you are more likely to get an answer that is compatible with FreePBX.

That sounds the wrong way round. Also _9XX represents a caller ID, not an extension. That’s actually true in FreePBX as well, but FreePBX does refer to local phones as extensions, and if you don’t manipulate the caller ID, it would normally match the extension used for calls to that device.

_1XX does represent an extension. In FreePBX terms that could be the virtual extension assigned to a queue, as well as the extension assigned to a physical phone.

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