Queue statistics - QueueParams

If you issue the command “Action: QueueStatus” in the Asterisk AMI, you get a pretty little report showing the summary of the queue with something like:

Event: QueueParams Queue: test_queue Max: 0 Calls: 4 Holdtime: 2 Completed: 0 Abandoned: 0 ServiceLevel: 0 ServicelevelPerf: 0.0 Weight: 0

This is all great, but does anyone know for what time period this data is form? last 5 min? since the beginning of time? since the last reload?

Also, i have:
keepstats = yes
in queue.conf, so I assume this will keep this “QueueParams” data going reload after reload, but again the question is - for what time period is the QueueParams data outputted?

I’m mainly interested in:
Holdtime: 2 (I assume that’s average hold time)
Completed: 0
Abandoned: 0

I presume, with keepstats, it is from the beginning of time.

I assume that hold time is the exponential average used in the queue announcements, so it decays with number of calls, not absolute time.

Thanks david55, but no the Calls Completed cannot be accumulating indefinitely - I’m busy looking at a queue now, and although, yes the average wait time is bobbing up and down (seems to be somewhat accurate), the calls taken are wildly inaccurate if they are since the creation of the queue. The queue im looking at has about 30 agents and at any one time and about 10-15 holding calls with an average hold time (by observation) of about 10 minutes. Its showing calls taken as: 50 and abandoned as 60… That cannot be correct… 50 calls in the last 20 min possibly.

(I am observing that the numbers are going up each time i refresh (every 2 min). Its now (by the time im finished writing this) on 55 and 70 respectively.)

Ok, i see the “Completed: XX” comes for a SUM() of all the agent “CallsTaken: X” under QueueMember.

Ok, so… basically for QueueParams, Completed = X, is a… “Of the Members / Agents in the queue what is the total of the Calls Taken” value.

So basically… the question becomes, for what time period is the “Calls Taken” value of the QueueMember parameter of the QueueStatus AMI call?

Event: QueueMember Queue: test_queue Name: IAX2/testing Location: IAX2/testing Membership: dynamic Penalty: 0 CallsTaken: 0 <- From what date to what date do they calculate this value LastCall: 0 Status: 6 Paused: 0

Ok… I found the issue… I had not in fact put “keepstats = yes” on, so it was resetting on reload.