Queue rules not processing

So I have a defaultrule set in my queue and that rule defined in queuerules.conf but things are not operating as I expect them to. I guess my first question is more basic, and that is how do I verify configuration settings that I have loaded from the CLI so I can confirm that I in fact have all the settings loaded?

Also what I couldn’t figure out how to set was the QUEUE_MIN_PENALTY and MAX? Are those both set to 0 to start with and then we use rules to manipulate them from there, or how do I initialize and set these variables?

They are channel variables. The default state is unset.

Ok so is there a way to define what those are in the queue definition? So when someone first enters the queue they are set and queue rules will effect?

Also I would still like to be able to verify config parameters from the CLI. Is that possible?

and therefore it must be set before sending to call to the queue

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