App_queue, rules

Because I struggled to get this working, I wanted to post this using the appropriate keywords that I searched for in the hopes of saving someone else the headache.

If you want to make use of queue rules, you have to set QUEUE_MAX_PENALTY, QUEUE_MIN_PENALTY and/or QUEUE_RAISE_PENALTY on the channel prior to induction into the queue. The system will ignore any variable that isn’t previously set. The system DOES NOT assume any unset variable is 0, which was my assumption and why it took me so long to figure out.

It’s probably a moot point, but I could never figure out how to show which rules were applied to which queues on the CLI. I could see the queues ( queue show ), I could see the rules ( queue show rules ), but I could never figure out how to tell that the system knew they were associated somehow.

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