Queue ringall and members

There is a follow situation.
I have a queue with a several members. Strategy of call - ringall.

[sup] strategy = ringall ringinuse = no timeout= 20 retry=0 wrapuptime = 0 member => SIP/201 member => SIP/202 member => SIP/203 ...
When call placed in queue, asterisk start to calling to all free members, that not talking at that moment.
But when some agent is released, call from queue will not get to it, until timeout is passed and asterisk will ring all free members again. When timeout is passed, asterisk finish calls and call it again, and we risk to get into this range.
So question is: How to make it call to member immediately after he is released?

I don’t think there’s a configuration option that’ll satisfy your need; you’ll have to dive into the code.


What would it cost to have this feature coded?


Dunno. Try the commercial section of the forums or the asterisk-biz mailing list to see if you can scare up someone who wants to take on the project.