Queues , stop calling all members if 1 member rejects the call

Hi, is this possible?

I have a ringall strategy
for now i call 2 members, both members start ringing…
But if member 1 rejects the call, i want it to stop ringing to member 2 too ?

Ss that possible?

I now have below

exten => 666,1,Answer
exten => 666,n,Queue(ring,t,,,45)
exten => 666,n,PlayBack(vm-goodbye)
exten => 666,n,HangUp()

member => Local/indoor1@extensions
member => Local/mobile1@extensions

Yes, of course. Use a dialgroup and simply pick up the handset and hang up again.

hmm, not sure what you mean?
sorry, this syntax / asterisk is all new to me :slight_smile:
can you show me some sample code what you mean?

i already have below in the extensions, the 2 members that are in the queue group:

; Dial the indoor station
exten => indoor1,1,Verbose(2,Dialing indoor station)
exten => indoor1,n,Dial(SIP/8003)

; Dial the mobiles
exten => mobile1,1,Verbose(2,Dialing mobile with waiting time)
exten => mobile1,n,Wait(0)
exten => mobile1,n,Set(CALLERID(num)=64668)
exten => mobile1,n,Dial(SIP/64668@trunk)


ah, so you are saying i need a dialgroup instead of a queue?
and do they also ring all at once, like a ringall strategy ?

hmm, added like below:

exten => 777,1,Set(DIALGROUP(mygroup,add)=Local/indoor1@extensions)
exten => 777,n,Set(DIALGROUP(mygroup,add)=Local/mobile1@extensions)
exten => 777,n,Dial(${DIALGROUP(mygroup)})

but if i abort the call on indoor1 , mobile1 keeps ringing

what am i missing?

Exactly my answer. Pick up and drop. Anything else is much more complicated (but possible).

There is no option to make it so that if you reject from one device that all the others stop ringing and the call is rejected. It’s counter to what most people want, so noone has added support for doing so.

ah ok :slight_smile:

strange thats so difficult :s

i have found here something interesting

post 6 and 8
somekind of string lookup and then a reject command

It’s not difficult, but more complicated. If things like that would be part of some kind of standard behavior, almost no normal user would be able to configure anything. For the hack of it, try to add more phones and define waiting times for each phone. Then try to describe what you did to someone who thinks that computers simply work.

ok, then i leave it like this :slight_smile:

for now answer/decline would do then

one other question, since you guys are the specialists :slight_smile:
i am working on a door intercom system, verry basic
The intercom is capable of sending early media (video) in 183 session
I also see on supported sip client, the video before i pickup

Thats working great

but it doesnt work, when i call a dialgroup or queue … then there is no early media , only video after i pickup

is this possible to have also video before pickup on queue/group?

Well observed and, again, there are reasons for this behavior. If you really need something like this in several places, then I wouldn’t connect the stuff directly to Asterisk, but interpose a full video server like Zoneminder. Then you even have functions like video images on your smartphone when you’re on the go.

It’s also not standard stuff and it certainly does not come straight out of the box.

hmm, dont know zoneminder, maybe worth a look


hmm, zonderminder is a surveillance system, dont think it works with SIP devices?

Well, that’s what I am using. As I said, “not out of the box”, but it is open source.

ah ok, but i need to SIP solution :slight_smile:
my indoor/outdoor stations are based on SIP

already have a synology surveiiilance for cameras

Most door stations also offer media streams, so you might be able to bring them into your current video server as well. It’s still not what you want, but you’d know what is going on, wherever you have a monitor.

yeah, thats what i’m looking for, since early media from PBX is not possible to ringgroups
i a’m looking for a way to inject the RTSP path to the call

but then i still need softphones that are able to open it