Ringing in queues

We use the ringall strategy for a small queue with 4 members. When a call comes in, if one of the members is busy, all the phones except the busy phone rings (as intended). While the other phones are ringing, if this busy phone becomes available again, we would like to have it start ringing. Right now it just sits idle.

Is this possible? I played with ringinuse (queues.conf) and callcounter (sip.conf) values, but wasn’t able to get it going.


The “Not-longer-busy-agent” won’t start ringing in the actual ringing period. It could only start ringing in the next ringing persio. To achieve the behaviuor expected You neet to set

wrapuptime to a very low value (in seconds)
timeout to an applicable value of seconds - during the first timeout interval where the “Not-longer-busy-agent” occurs his phone definitely won’t ring.
retry to anapplicable value in seconds

For a detailled explanation of the several parameters You should consult queues.confd.dample from the asterisk sources.

Thanks Olaf. I will change the ring timeout to a low value (wrt queue timeout).