Queue Missed Calls


Can anyone please help me to set a queue to mark a call answered on the members when the call was answered by someone?

For example, I have a queue with 2 members - when the call is coming in the queue - both extensions are ringing, and if extension A is answering the call - then extension B should see this call as answered.

From the official documentation of Queue application, I found that option “C” is what I am looking for, and tried to use it, but then I have another problem: the call is marked as answered even it has not answered on any extension.

For example, if both extensions are ringing in the queue - and the caller is canceling a call, then on both extensions, the call is marked as answered, but I need to have it as a missed call because it was not answered on any extension.
Thank You.

Sorry for the wrong info, actually when the call is answered on the first extension, then on the second extension - we have an answered call (even without the ‘C’ option), which is the expected behavior. This problem is only with the old phones or ‘exotic one’ which doesn’t work correctly with CANCEL sip method.
Please ignore this post.