Call marked As Answered Before Actually Answered In Queue

I am totally new to Asterisk and have been using VitalPBX which is based on Asterisk. I have an issue where we are using third party software to monitor the answered status of the call. VitalPBX support pushed me off to Asterisk support because they either don’t understand the issue or believe this is an Asterisk issue.

Here is the support conversation over at VitalPBX: Call Queue MOH Not Working Anymore - VitalPBX - VitalPBX Community

What is happening is once the call hits the PBX Queue it is marked back to Twilio as answered and MOH plays while the queue members are being tried. VitalPBX has a specific feature that can keep these calls from being marked answered before a member of the queue actually answers the call. When this “Answer Channel” is marked “No” the ringback tones are played and not the selected MOH for the queue. We need to have both the queue MOH play as soon as the call hits the queue and to not have the queue mark the call as answered unless it actually connects with someone in the queue. This way if a caller hangs up while in the queue the third-party software will see that call as not answered.

I believe this is an actual bug in the VitalPBX software and not related to Asterisk but their support directed me here anyway. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Whilst I can’t remember exactly when Queue forces an answer, in general, you need to answer queues early, otherwise the originating provider will declare the call as unanswered before the agent actually picks up.

Sending MOH before answer generally won’t work, because it requires early media, and most providers don’t allow early media, because they don’t bill until the call is answered, so early media would allow the operation of information services with no revenue for the upstream providers.

For local users, were free calls aren’t an issue, you may need to call Progress, before Queue, for early media to work. Early media won’t work with systems, particularly Cisco, that use late offer SDP.

Queue does not explicitly answer. Answer(), Progress(), or Ringing() has to occur before it is invoked.

Not getting accurate channel…

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