Estimated time in queue

My purpose is:
We have dialplan and send the channel in the queue
Before sending the channel to the queue, I have to check if there is a free agents able to answer the call, if yes, I send the channel into the queue, if not, I have to tell the to the caller.
For that :
1-I have to check all members in queue if one or more has a status Idle,so it means I can send the channel
2-If all are in call, I will tell the user that all agents are busy so He has to wait x min for example

After searching I don’t see the exact way to built this purpose; Does someone have an idea or another suggestions for this purpose

Please explain why Queue with announcements won’t do this for you.

the time of the queue is static, for example 10min, it is always 10min, however may be a call could be lasted more than this time,and after his call will be not answered even he was waiting for the call after 10min.

Are you using the Queue() application ?

What happens when caller A is in the 10 minute Queue, and then an agent becomes available ? Does caller A keep waiting the full 10 minutes ? Does the next caller B get to talk to the agent without waiting at all - even though caller A is still waiting and entered your PBX “first” ?

1-yes I am using queue() application
2-If all agents are busy, propose to caller A:either waiting for x minutes or hangup() the call, if caller A chose for waiting, pass his channel in queue until one agent becomes available.
the same action for caller B

I think reviewing more documentation on the Queue() application may help you. Try also the sample queues.conf file found in the Asterisk source distribution configs/samples/ directory. Note in particular the various announcement related variables in that file.

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