How to hangup incoming call in queue directly by agent

i have one scenario in my mind.suppose 5 to 10 agent is login in queue .Incoming call landed in queue.If agent wants to hangup some incoming call ,can we do this.Because in queue if we ignore call ,that call will route to another another extension and we cannot disconnect that call until unless customer cut that call.

But i want to disconnect that call by agent.Is it possible.Please help if any one have idea over this scenario.

If possible then how can we achieve this requirement

I think it’s possible
but It’s not available in dial-plan(extensions.conf)

in my case, I made a CTI server using AMI
when inbound call join the queue, ami event(QueueJoinEvent) is fired.
with this event(QueueJoinEvent), agent hangup the call using ami action(HangupAction)

sir agent are using softphone. they will disconnect a call from softphone i want to achieve this thing from dialplan.Is there any another way to do this?

I can’t imagine many call centres would consider it acceptable to throw away incoming calls without explanation and after the caller had been waiting in the queue.

If the is some sort of nuisance caller, you should opeate an automated blacklist, which will also have the advantage of freeing resources quickly.

Also most people play comfort messages to the caller as normal media, so the call has already been answered at this .

I think an explanation of why you have this unusual requirement might help.

Even i have suggested the same to my client that you should add that number in blacklist.but he want that if agent donot want to talk to that customer .he can disconnect but in future if the same customer will call ,he wants to pick up that person call.
Thats why i am asking this .Is it possible to do this.Hope you will understand now.

I suspect that a called party answer subroutine could do this, but I don’t see why I should spend time checking the details of something that appears designed to provide poor customer service.

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