Queue "fallback extension"

Hi Everyone,

I am using a Queue for my incoming calls for the sales agents on my asterisk server.
The ring strategy is “leastrecent”.
I want to add a fallback or backup extension to the Queue to reduce the abandon rate in the rush hour so when all the agents are busy or unavailable the call can be redirected to that extension. That extension wouldn’t be a queue member.
I searched for some options like picking up the call but if no one answered the call there is no channel and You can only pick up a channel.
The ringall strategy mixed with priorities also look like an option but is not the way our call center manager wants to work.
I have read that freepbx have a “failover option” for the queues but it seems it isn’t what I am looking for.

Any idea or recommendation?

Thanks and advance

Either use penalties, wiith the fallback agent a member of the queue, or put a timeout on the queue and add a Dial for the fallback agent after the call to the Queue application.

In future, please use Asterisk Support for support requests.


I am using the second option. I didn’t notice I wasn’t using the “n” option on the Queue function to make “no retries in the timeout” so the call was not being sent to the next step on my dialplan.
Thank you very much.

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