Failover Queues for Call Center

I am putting together a basic dialplan for a HelpDesk Call Center and I am having issues with having the call go to the next member in the queue if the user does not pick up.

This is the scenerio:

Call comes into the help line:

  • Call rings Phone 1
    If Phone 1 is busy or does not pick up
    Call Goes to Phone 2
    If Phone 2 is busy or does not pick up
    Cal Goes to Phone 3

I have setup a queue with 3 members with penalties assigned (1-3). The Penalties work fine, however the call does not failover to the next call after a timeout which I also declared in the queue. It will ring, stop ringing and then ring again.
Here is my Queue and my method of calling the Queue.

same => n,Queue(Clare_Shared_Services,)


;Diane Kimberling

;Kyle Glick

;Frankie Zepeda

Try using the strategy of rrmemory and putting your agents at the same priority.