Call to a ringing extension


I have a situation I need a little help to resolve.

Lets say I have 10 extensions (200, 201 … 210), They are all included in a queue with ringall strategy. A call enters the queue, all extensions ring, anyone can pick up. This is working now.

The new situation I need to resolve is this: when one or more calls are in the queue, all the (free) extensions are ringing, but I need to call one of those extensions (lets say the 202 number) and I need my call to take priority over the queue ringing. So, if the 202 extension is ringing with a queue call, when I call directly the 202 extension, I need to stop ringing the queue call and ring my call, so he/she can take my call, even if there are calls in the queue.

I hope I explained myself clearly. Sorry for my English.


PD: some tech data:
I’m running Asterisk 13.6.0
The extensions are SIP extensions through a FXS gateway (Grandstream GXW4008)
I’m not using any GUI, I wrote the extensions.conf myself.
Any other information please ask. Thanks!!

Difficult. You might be able to do it if you can work out the channel being used to offer the call, and issue a hangup on it, or use ChannelRedirect to send it to Hangup(), but I don’t know how queue responds to a locally originated hangup.

Most SIP phones will accept multiple calls. Could you do it in the phone?

Thanks for your contribution. The extensions are regular POTS phones connected to a FXS gateway. I’ll have to read the gateway documentation deeper to find if it supports that behavior, because being POTS phones, the user can only pick up the handset, but not select any line previously… the direct call would have to take priority inside the gateway’s logic. That’s why I wanted to find a solution inside asterisk itself. I’ll keep investigating, any other help or suggestion is welcome! Thanks!