Queue configuration


The situation:
I have a queue with 4 different extensions in it. But the whole queue is beeing served by just 1 person.
Caller 1 will be answered by an extension inside the queue. If caller 2 comes into the queue while the person is still on the phone with caller 1, caller 2 will be hold in the queue and hears the moh until the 1st call is hung up. Then caller 2 will be redirected to all 4 extensions again.

Is there any possible way to configure this scenario?

I think you mean member, not extension.

Why have you got four members that are callable when you only have one human agent?

I’m pretty sure you only want one member. If that member could use multiple devices, you can probably use a local channel as the member, although there are additional subtleties in terms of getting a combined interface state.

Thank you very much for your response.
The devices are at different locations. And the person using the devices is always at one of those 4 locations. And our system doesn’t support multiple registrations so we need a workaround, if possible.

I think you will have to make a local channel the member. Probably use group count to prevent multiple entries, although using a fake interface for status would probably be more efficient, but more difficult to get right.

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