Queue - Asterisk V1.6 - behaviour?

Hi list,

we’ve just upgraded to v1.6 and have a problem understanding the queue() behaviour of the asterisk v1.6 in queues.

we try to set the queue not to hangup if an agent answeres get a macro where he can choose if he wants to tak the call or not - if not the customer should be put back in the queue. This worked fine in V1.2 with agentlogic/queue so far. Till V1.6 the queue hangs up after that?

we would then like the queue to go on in the dialplan. But the queue does
not go on and hangs up suddenly without any reason. :frowning:

we tried to use the c flag in options and the timeoutrestart in queues.conf
both did not work.

How could we set up the queue to go on after a call?

Hope anybody can help.

thank you