Queue annoucment


I was trying to find solution for my problem 4h.

The problem is with queue announcement. I want that when someone calls my queue the caller hears queue announcement (which caller he is in line) AND that when the announcement is playing my phone still rings.

I Have this in my queues.conf.
autofill = yes
maxlen = 9
retry = 1
timeout = 20
announce-frequency = 8
periodic-announce-frequency = 1
member => SIP/298,1

Can please someone send me to right direction?
:cry: :cry:


It will do, announcments only work in queues tha are set not to ring IE dont have the r option.

If you want ringing then record ringtone and set that as a MOH context and define the queue to use that MOH context


IanPlain Thank you for your answer.