Help Needed with Agents and Queues when Agents are busy/Unav

Need some help here…
I have configured two queues, sales and support.
I have added agents to those queues (same agents monitor both queues) and the Agents need to use the AgentCallBackLogin to login to the queues.
Everything works fine, the Agents get logged in and I am using the ringall strategy on the queue.

Problem :

If one of the agents is busy/unavailable for whatever reason, (phone not registered, making a call, answering a call etc) The person in queue gets connected to that Agents voicemail.
I would like that all Phones ring, and if one of the extensions is busy/unavailable then that phone either not ring, be skipped or something, so that the user in queue still hears the music on hold and the remaining extensions continue to ring until someone else picks up the call.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


I’m having the same issue. I haven’t had much time to check out the queue app code but perhaps the queue app can check the status of the agents before including them in the dial attempt?