Queue after ringing jumps to next priority in dialplan

Hello all,

exten => 112,1,Queue(bm,trn,30,qm-bm)
exten => 112,n,set(curresul=${CURL()})

if incoming is executed via above dialplan and the maximum seconds to ring in queue is 30 seconds …if the caller cut the calls in 15 seconds how do i execute the next priority or jumps to the next priority in dialplan. Please guide me.

the problem is it is not jumping to next priority but if the call rings 30 seconds it jumps and executes…

anyone plz give an idea to this issue

If the caller has hungup, the main dialplan will be terminated and you wll be redirected to the h extension, if it exists in the current context.

I had tried this so far but i have multiple incoming in one context and if even the calle attends the call it will be redirected to h extension

You need to set channel variables or look at those set by the applications to work out the state of the chall. You can also GoSub into a context to limit the scope of the h extension.

Hi David,

Can you provide me an example or link to clarify this.

I’d start with


But it affects all the incoming and also attended calls go to h extension

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