Questions About Asterisk

Hi I just heard about asterisk tonight and was wondering if it is the best solution for what I’m trying to do…

I have a POTS phone at my house and I need to forward all incoming and out going calls to a VOIP box at a remote location. I would prefer a network appliance to do this, but asterisk on a linux box also seems like a fairly good solution.


  • Mike

And the question is?

I assume the question you are trying to ask is “Is this possible” to which the answer is “yes”.

Well the question i was asking was is asterisk the best solution for this problem or is there some simple network appliance I can use to do this? Or is there some network appliance I can run asterisk on?

I’m a complete novice at this since I have never had any telephony experience aside from setting up a few voip ata boxes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Well… Asking the Asterisk forum for a non-asterisk solution isn’t going to get you very far. I can tell you that what you want to do is possible with asterisk, and Asterisk will run on any computer running Linux (Be it appliance or otherwise). There are even a few options that involve less work (look into Trixbox or AsteriskNOW).

Asterisk will do this nicely.

However if one or both places has a static IP, or at least can be DYNDNS’d, and all you need is a virtual extension cord, you can do it with a Linksys/Sipura SPA3000 and any other ATA. The key is the dialplan, voxilla forums have some good cookbooks involving the dialplan. However the result will be that when the FXO port on the base device gets a call it will send it to somewhere else, which can be straight to another ATA. Then vice versa the other ATA sends its calls right to the first one’s FXO port.

Hope that helps

Should be able to accomplish with an ATA with FOX. So which is “best” depends on other factors.