Questions about Asterisk on dell r710

Hi, i just bought a dell r710 and was going to use it for virtualisation and other things. One of them was going to be a voip server.

This will be for home use only! I know a little about voip and networking. Just not enough for this. Can i get some help with figuring out. The diffrent kind of equipment, I’ll need to buy to make this work? Also will be using fedora server for everything. That’s my favorite os.

You shouldn’t use the Dell for any other purpose when it is actually handling calls, as VoIP requires high priority access to the the real machine resources. Whilst people report success in running Asterisk on VMs, using VMs for real time applications is not for beginners in VMs.

Even though it’s running 2 xeon 2.5gh processors and 96gb of ram.

Well what about just buying another r710 and installing 48gb of ram and running only asterisk,fax server, and maybe a email server. I don’t thing that would cause issue’s.

I run many Asterisk servers on VMWare and Hyper-V (as well as Intel NUCs and physical servers), but as David said, you need to watch Disk I/O as well as other resources (CPU, Memory, bandwidth, etc).